General treatment of nails and hard skin.General treatment of nails and hard skin Involves cutting toe nails to prevent any problems such as ingrown toe nails. It is also common that thick skin such as callus and corns are debrided to reduce pain. We always use sterile instruments for you health and safety. We also treat common skin conditions such as dry cracked skin, blisters, warts and tinea.
Ingrown Toenail proceduresIngrown Toenail procedures are sometimes required when conservative treatment have failed to resolve a painful ingrown toe nail. With the assistance of local anesthetic the offending section of nails is removed and then if required we permanently stop the nail regrowing with the use of phenol. Following the procedure it can take up to 6 weeks for your toe to fully recover but you are often pain free in a day or 2.
Biomechanical AssessmentBiomechanical Assessments are used to determine if there is an area of weakness or functional deficiency from your hips to your toes that could be causing you pain or discomfort.
Orthotic therapy via 3D scanning of your footTo create our function foot orthotics we use the latest 3D scanning equipment to accurately capture a 3D image of the foot. This enables us to prescribe an incredibly comfortable but most of all effective orthotics that will assist in improving the function of the foot and leg.
Mobilisation and manipulation of the joints in the foot and leg.Foot Mobilisation is a terrific treatment for stiff, mal-aligned, dysfunctional or arthritic joints. By assessing each joint of the foot and ankle we are able stimulate healing and repair to reduce pain and improve foot function.
Dry Needling of the soft tissues of the lower limb.Dry Needling is a safe, effective and widely accepted treatment of tight bands in the muscle called trigger points that may be causing local or referred pain.
Injury rehabilitation including strengthening programs.Injury rehabilitation programs are vital for a quick recovery from an injury to the leg or foot. We work with you to create a plan with exercises that will strengthen the muscles that support you foot and ankle and get you back to your best as soon as possible.
Footwear advice and educationThe correct fitting footwear is vital to preventing sore feet. Whether you are wanting advice on the best pair of runners, work or dress shoes we will have the right suggestion for you.
Diabetes and Neurovascular AssessmentsFor all of our clients that have Diabetes we carry out a full vascular assessment using an ultrasound doppler as well as a neurological assessment. This enables us to report back to your doctor about the condition of the blood supply and the sensation to your feet.


We also service DVA patients through a GP referral.

We treat clients if they have an Enhanced Primary Care Plan via a GP referral and run a Bulk Billing service for these clients at North Richmond Community Health Centre.

As a part of our outreach within the community we work with North Richmond Community Health to provide exceptional care for clients aged over 65 within the city of Yarra